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Dovid Feldman (the technical guy with the video camera)

With faces Blackedout from the N.K. website.
Why are they hiding?

Look what group gets he best seat in the house, Did you know their trip was paid for by Iran.

Moshe Aryeh Friedman ym"s sharing a lover's moment with the Hitler of Iran.
Notice he is wearing his shabbos clothing, SICK!

Yisroel Dovid Weiss ym"s embracing his blood brother, the Hitler of Iran
The group applauding the Fuhrer.
Ahron Cohen (Kohen) reaches out to touch his savor

Yisroel Feldman ym"s

Yisroel Dovid Weiss (C) Will do anything for a few dollars, as Feldman ym"s (L) and Cohen ym"s (R) watch
Weiss ym"s speaking, Rosenberg ym"s (L) and Feldman ym"s (R)
Moshe Aryeh Friedman ym"s exchanges business cards with some nazi.

Weiss ym"s explain why Jews deserve to be wiped out

(L-R) Cohen ym"s, Feldman ym"s, Feldman ym"s
(L-R) Feldman ym"s, Rosenberg ym"s

(L-R)Yisroel Feldman ym"s, Yisroel Dovid Weiss ym"s, Aron Cohen ym"s (Manchester, England), Moshe Arye Friedman ym"s (Austria), Dovid Feldman ym"s, Yeshaya Rosenberg ym"s

Feldman ym"s needs a video for his kids.

Moshe Arye Friedman arguing 6 million was not enough.

The face of evil

The group learns the truth about the Holocaust from Hitler himself.

Rosenberg ym"s wearing a Palestinian flag.

Weiss ym"s

Hitler and Satan.

Feldman ym"s

Weiss ym"s

Look a the expression of joy on Friedman's ym"s face.


Anonymous said...

We all knew the NK opposed Israel and that they applaud the Iranian Hitler. To see them getting along is no surprise.

What kills me is to see these people at a HOLOCAUST DENIERS CONFERENCE. I don't care what your opinion is about Israel. I don't have to agree with them, they don't have to agree with me. But to attend a conference that denies an event that resulted in the mass murder of 6 million Jews is beyond me. How can these people consider themselves Jewish?

Anonymous said...

i'm the person whom tagged this blog with 450 hits in 2 hours.. i did not wish this to be mistaken as deserved attention, but more for support. not only can someone "blast" your blog, but someone can blast other "services"... these idiots deserve incineration themselves.. sometimes it takes one too know one.. respond with regards..

i will be monitoring the only site on the internet that has this retards e-mail posted.

keep up the good.. umm.. blogging...

extremism is independent of religion...

Anonymous said...

Achmed Cohen

Muhammed Feldman

Itzhak Schier said...

Your pic captioned "Yeshaya Dovid Rosenberg ym"s sharing a lover's moment with the Hitler of Iran"

is actually a picture of Friedman.

Short beard - rolled up payess is Friedman. Short beard, long payess is Rosenberg.

Also, the poster above gave Monsey numbers for "Achmed" Cohen. Those must be either Ismail Daoud Weiss's or Moussa Bashar Beck's numbers. Cohen is in Manchester, UK.

Itzhak Schier said...

Thanks for the correction. Freaky Freedy always wears Shabbos clothing - except this time he did not wear his shtreimel, which he reserves for speaking through a microphone at "palestinian" rallies in Berlin.

See http://www.frumspace.com/news_details.php?news_id=251 for links to the video of this "performance" as well as to an article which includes a statement from Freaky Freedy saying that perhaps far fewer than six million Jews were killed during the Shoah.

Freaky's name is Moshe Aryeh (might be Moshe Aryeh Leib) ben Chaim Avraham. Have him in mind during "velamalshenim" of Shmoneh Esrei. Cherem is much too good for this louse!

Anonymous said...

Do you have his mother's name, I think that is what you use.

Anonymous said...


Itzhak Schier said...

Yes - normally you would use the mother's name for this, but I don't have it. The person who told me the father's name also informed me that the rest of the family is decent; I don't really want to push my source for information. However, I will ask around.

Anonymous said...

You should publish your own pictures instead, together with those of Sharon y"sh, Olmert y"sh and Lupo y"sh. People like you and your whole Zionist entity are worse than the Nazis and the Stalinists together, you are the successors of Amalek y"sh and a criminal bunch!

Anonymous said...

Yisrael Dovid Weiss the Rashas personal cell phone # is


please call him and tell him enough is enough

Anonymous said...

i go to school practically right next to Friedmans house and i see almost every day how friedman goes to the bus stop next to our school with his kids to take them to school so i see him alot

Anonymous said...

If the events of the world bear God's impression then surely He has rejected these blackhearted liars and hypocrites.

The Jewish communities of Europe wiped out by Germany were greater centres of what these swine value than they can ever recreate in England, Austria or Williamsburg.

Withgin this orbit of belief, the thought that God will ressurect what He has repeatedly destroyed in the First and Second Jewish Commonwealths stands as an indictment against these moniacal, fanatical fools. Their visions are false, bankrupt and devoid of the divine sanction they crave. Each time their communities become 'great' God 'wipes them out'! Religious authorities wielded political power in Ancient Israel and these states were laid to ruin. These clowns cannot understand divine rejection.

It is not Israel that will be destroyed but their stupid, rabbinical worshipping, idolatrous sects along with Lubavich which is just as ridiculous and indifferent to Israel. They are logical company for a lunatic like Ahmadinejad who thinks as they do only in the islamic version of the same nonsense.

They are a bunch of losers and parasites and Israel should remove this 5th column from its midst.

They are an infamous disgrace and are example enough of the level of self-befoulment possible of the human condition.

Anonymous said...

Hashem Himself will punish them for what they are doing. But for all of us is a test,is the yetzer in a awful costume. Lets keep our Torah (they way we are supposed to) and lets also think twice about what comes out of our mouths when referring to them.
אִם-אֶשְׁכָּחֵךְ יְרוּשָׁלִיִם -- תִּשְׁכַּח יְמִינִי

Anonymous said...

Salam, Shaloum,

Now I really know why did Hitler do what he did to you, coz you you're showing to the world how barbar you are.
and pleaze notice that I'm not someone who is interested in politics, I've even thought about proceeding my studies in Israel, but now I'm not able to live with such genocide criminals.
You're not civilians, don't forget that the whole israel is an army of reserve.
To what extent this war is fair??!!! I'm asking you and please be real, when your merkavah and F16 bomb palestinian civilians, when hundreds of innocent children women died, what could you call that and don't tell me we you're defending yourself, coz there are no real reasons to do that at all, and if the palestinians attacked you by some modest rockets, please be aware that they didn't do this for no reason, they have to fight and they will keep doing that coz you're the real terrorist, it's that simple like someone who is beheading a goat and kicking it coz it touches him with its blood when it spreads. You're offending and killing them and don't want them to react?? bullshit
But you are not the only ones who hurm them, the first to do this are the "Arab lead" who turned into the jews of the area.
I just want to tell you that your end is about to come and Allah akbar.

Anonymous said...

Typical muslim filth above thinks that 'fairness' is an attribute that can be called into the question of war between peoples. With what implement one is killed is not a moral question you moron. You presume to make us think that because an arab must use poorer weapons - because their culture is inherently corrupt (billions in aid to service terrorism and decadence) along with their designs - that this somehow validates their acts. This is absurd.

Was it 'fair' for America to use an atomic bomb on Japan? I suppose you think it is the 'duty' of America to still be fighting WWII in 'fairnes' to the Japanese?? You are an idiot to think that this 'logic' has merit.

What are you talking about you fool?

arabs started something from the begining that they will never be able to finish. All your 'palestinian' children are going to die with their parents who choose to wage war against the armies of the living God.

It is always a measure of deep concern to arabs when their children die at the hands of the Jews defending themselves rather than as bomb carriers exploding themselves in Tel-Aviv.

All arab idolaters will be expunged from Israel and that spark will ignite the world against islam. You will see war waged against you as you wage it yourself. Spare us your sanctimonious hypocritical drivel.

You are in no position to lecture anyone about a morality that is not even your own. 'palestinians' will reap what they have sown for the last 100yrs.

And when the Jews will be aroused in their righteous fury they will put an end to the artificial "'palestinian'question".

Did you think that only muslims can be fanatics? You will know that the arousal of free men to action will make your 'terrorism' seem like so much amateurism. The day is coming when rivers of arab blood will fertilize the soil of Israel.

Your sentence is given by your own utterences. As you give and have given to Israel so will you reap a 100 fold in return.

Anonymous said...

I am the author of comments 6/11/07 and 25/11/09. JDR